Davies Auto – An Analysis

When a motorist needs to have auto repair performed, it can add up to become quite pricey. Keeping a vehicle up-to-date on preventative maintenance chores will be one way to avoid some breakdowns. Owning any type of property is going to require that the owner inject cash for fix-ups periodically. Home owners, for example, have to paint, repair plumbing, upgrade electric panels and maintain the yard on a regular basis. That’s the price one pays for being to call the shots in one’s own house. Here are some things to think about the pros and cons of ownership:  visit  this website for more info.

Owning a car:
– Pros: The pros of having a sedan, truck or SUV parked outside your abode with your name on the title is that you can drive it anywhere you want. If you purchased it new, you were able to pick out the color and all the amenities such as sunroof, 4 door or 2 door, automatic or stick shift and much more. You can use it to travel to the grocery store or all the way across the country to join the protest of “Occupy Wall Street.” You can go on dates, road trips and anything else your heart desires, as long as you have the gasoline to fill it up. And that it’s in good shape because you’ve properly maintained it.

– Cons: The downside of being the owner is that the buck stops with you. Or starts with you, if you’re referring to the financial outlay. You are the one who has to come up with the greenbacks to purchase it in the first place. This means either a healthy chunk coming out of your bank account initially or sending a check each month to the bank along with interest payments. You’re also going to have to pay for car insurance, maintenance and auto repair. This is a natural part of being able to call that Toyota, Honda, Jeep or Mercedes Benz out there “yours.”

Owning a house:
– Pros: You get to decorate it, paint it, landscape it any way you want. You can invite anyone to live with that you feel like. You can adopt dogs, cats and goldfish to your hearts’ desire. Some HOAs have restrictions about how many pets you can have and what type, but this is all in the fine print. And the biggest plus, you get to live in it.